How far will my scooter travel on a single charge?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Manufacturers often include a "maximum range" figure, however this figure is usually based on perfect conditions with an average weight load. Therefore, this is purely an estimate as it's difficult to calculate precisely as each user, condition and route is different, and performance depends on a number of factors.

Below is a list of some of the factors that can impact battery performance/range capability:

> Load - The weight of the rider. The higher the load, the less distance will be achieved. The "maximum load" listed in our product specifications give an indication of maximum load capacity however is not an indication of optimum load for performance. If the rider is at the higher end of the stated maximum load capacity then the maximum range may be reduced to an extent.

> Terrain - The ideal terrain in order to achieve maximum range would be a perfectly flat, smooth, hard surface. Anything else is likely to impact the maximum range due to the motor having to work harder. 

> Incline - Any incline during a trip will reduce the potential range of a scooter due to the motor having to work harder therefore requiring more power from the battery. 

> Mode - Many electric scooters offer multiple settings/gears. The lowest gear will always offer the best range capability however, as expected, will offer a lower top speed. If range is important, we would recommend keeping speed to a minimum where possible.

Due to the above, it's a good idea to choose a scooter where the maximum range comfortably exceeds your distance requirements. We often include a "typical" range figure to be used as a more realistic guide. 


Direct from manufacturer: "While comparing Joyor Electric Scooter models, please always take into consideration that all technical characteristics of all Joyor Electric Scooter models on our website are the results of measurements in a test environment with a 75kg rider, on a flat terrain, without wind and with the average speed of 20-25km/h, second gear. These are the factors that influence the electric scooter performance and mainly the distance range. Depending on your weight, type of the terrain and other conditions, you can more or less adjust your expectations in comparison to the test environment results."