About us

About us - UK based e-scooter retailer

Thank you for visiting i-scoot.com! We are a family run business based in Somerset with a love for e-scooters and a passion for value! After owning and enjoying various electric scooters, we felt that there was a gap in the market for a range of scooters that are affordable without sacrificing on quality. 


We have spent months (if not years!) researching, testing and reviewing a wide range of e-scooters from manufacturers all over the world in order to provide a range of scooters that not only deliver a high end performance but also deliver on price. 

All of the scooters that we sell on our site are vigorously tested and reviewed by our quality team to ensure that they meet our standards for value.

Our aim is to provide electronic scooters that offer value for money - ensuring they are not only affordable but also able to deliver on performance.

In order to provide the best value possible, we have an agreement with our suppliers to accept stock which may have varying styles of branding (Compared to the photos on our site). However, the specification and model of each product will always be as shown and described in the product description.


We're really proud of the performance, quality and most importantly - the value of the G2 range. An electric scooter with the capability to travel over 15 miles on just a single charge whilst only taking 3 - 5 hours to re-chargeWith a top speed of 15.5mph+, you'll cover 2 miles in just 8 minutes, approx. 20 minutes faster than walking! It also has Kugoo app compatibility, a USB phone charging port plus a dual LED headlight - making this model ready for the modern world. 


Our UK based after sales team is on hand to help.

Feel free to contact us: hello@i-scoot.com